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Sunday, 8 March 2015

SURPRISED!! Watching Comedy Movies, Prevents Excessive Consumption Of Junk Foods.

Its good to know that lovers of comedy movies may just be preventing some forms of obesity related disease in the future. Sad movies and Scary movies does the exact opposite.
Read about the study as I saw it on medical daily.....

In a study carried out by Cornell University Food and Brand Lab, and published in JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers had a group of office workers munch on snacks while watching Love Story (a weepy movie) and Sweet Home Alabama (which is more lighthearted and funny). They found that watching Love Story made the participants eat 28 percent more popcorn than they did while watchingSweet Home Alabama.

The researchers also examined the popcorn-eating habits of moviegoers over a Thanksgiving weekend in seven cities in the U.S. They found that people who bought popcorn and watched a sad movie (Solaris) ate an average of 55 percent more popcorn than those who watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Now you Know!  Or don't you Agree?!