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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Is it a good Idea for Doctors to get Married to Nurses?!

A close friend of mine was reading an article titled, 'Nurses are the greatest allies of Med students', and the article concluded with a scary last sentence;

      "Grab a nurse, and make her your friend today.  You won’t regret the decision, believe me."

He showed me the last line of the article, and we concluded it must be some kind of Joke!
Generally medical students or doctors tend to have some form of altercation with nurses, in the discharge of our duties.
For you to suggest marriage, you must be in another world!!!

Do you think the union between Doctors and Nurses can truly Be?
Do you know any doctor - nurse couple that have co-habited Peacefully? For I can not remember one. Do share your experience and you would just be helping lots of readers like myself.