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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Linda Ikeji Has Stepped Too Far This Time!!!

I really do not like getting mixed up in baseless talks, but in a situation as this, I am moved to send in this post for sake of clarifications. On a post today on the Linda Ikeji blog, it takes a heavy, high handed swipe at doctors. Granted, I am not yet a doctor, but for a non professional to play god in an area she barely knows, is truly a step too far

"The bottomline is, things are so bad in this country that professionals now come all out with pride to defend rubbish, putting the blames on the government, permit me to ask the last doctor this question "would you operate on your mother, father, wife or children using a phone torchlight". The battle for survival is our priority in this country and as such makes us take up nonsense jobs and when it backfires,  we are always quick to blame it on the government.
When you have a job that has to do with people's lives,  stop reasoning like a road side mechanic."

The above is the last paragraph from the post on het blog. I just want to say that Doctors are not allowed to treat their relatives let alone, those in their first degree family. It is unethical.

Would you rather not attempt at a venture, when you know you have the requisite skills and experience, simply because government fails to do the needful. Should doctors not take up jobs in facilities because government has other priorities outside the health of Nigeria.

It is truly saddening when people continually make that old long fallacy of generalisation. This is what this article on her blog has committed. I think this is a hate-article against a crop of dedicated and noble profession.

This article on Linda's blog should be frowned at. How can a blog, know to be seasoned in its unbaised reportage degrade so low to calling Doctors - road side mechanic? It is indeed a step too far!!