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Monday, 30 March 2015

Discussing Cancer With Your Doctor

When faced with a cancer diagnosis, you need to find a doctor with whom you feel comfortable and can speak openly. But just what should you and your doctor talk about?
Knowing what questions to ask can help you feel prepared for your doctor visits. While it may take more than one visit to ensure that all of your concerns are addressed, making a list of your questions in advance can help you get the answers you need.

Read over the following list of questions, then check off those that you would like to discuss with your doctor. You can also add your own questions at the bottom. When you’re finished, print out your personalized doctor discussion guide and bring it to your next appointment.

* What type of cancer do you have and at what stage or extent of spread is it?

* In your opinion what is my outlook of the future?

* What treatment options do you suggest at this time and why?

* What is the intent of these treatment; is it to cure the cancer, or slow down its growth or to take care of symptoms?

* When would my treatment start and how long will it last?

* How wil each treatment affect my lifestyle? Will I need to make any adjustments in my family or at work?

* What are the odds my cancer will come back after each treatment options.

* How much will each treatment cost?

Please you can add any additional question on the 'comment' section, you my want to ask a Doctor. Remember, you need to have no doubt in your kind. So get all questions answered. 

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