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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

New Colour Launched On Madonna Uni Campus... This is what the colors stand for (PHOTOS)

The Dept of Medical Laboratory Science of the first private university joined other sister professional courses as it adopts new color for the department. For all official matters, like going for lectures etc, students must put on the new color, ie a White Shirt, blue trousers or skirts, and a red tie or neck sash for ladies.

It may interest you to know that the Dept of Medicine and Surgery was the very first department to adopt a uniformed dress sense for her student, which is a white shirt, black trousers or skirt and any color of tie. Then, the department of public health joined the train with her blue shirt, blue trousers, blue tie. It was not until recently that the Faculty of Pharmacy instructed students to get a white shirt and ash trousers or skirt with ash tie.

Now the Med. Lab. Sci have also caught the fever. Every where was just blue, red and white.
I sought the meaning of the color and I can confirm that the white color signifies 'Health', the red color signifies 'blood', while the blue color is just to make the other colors blend in, giving them a causal look. 

I daresay that blue was choosen because no other common color was available and also not to be tagged a copy-cat. I can practically feel their joy dressing in the new attire.

Photo source: Facebook