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Monday, 19 September 2016

Anambra Resident Perfect The Act of Scaling Gully Gutters (Photos)... However This Resident Is Not Finding It Funny

Anambra state resident may be enjoying relative peace and tranquility at the moment, but it seems they know no true peace especially as one approach these jumbo, mega, gully-like gutters traversing the length and breadth of major towns in the state.

Gutters as high as the height of an average adult, remains a mystery especially to residents who over the years have had to be creative when there is need to scale one of those jumbo gutters. The photo above was shared by a concerned resident of the state on her Facebook timeline FB/chidiebere maduafor. She confirms that the latest technique to scaling the Gully-like gutter is the Pulley-Lever Technique...

This is her plea and it begs for urgent answer

I don't want to sound like I know everything. I mean, no one knows everything. That's why I want to ask this question because it's really been on my mind.
"Is there a specific and special purpose why there is no Pedestrian bridge or walkway at that gully/waterway at Regina Caeli Junction at Awka.?"
"Does it mean that our Governor,policy makers and government officials do not pass through that road, or is there something they know that I don't know? "
"Why are Anambrarians subjected to pulley-lever technique to pass through a government constructed waterways? "
"Finally, who, in Jesus name can open the eyes of our government to the plight of children and old people as well as decent dressing ladies who
pass through this route for their daily business.
Don't they know that it's rainy season or are they waiting for a calamity to occur on
that spot before they realize their responsibility?"

Pls Anambrarians don't need press conferences, state funerals for victims or compassionate visit by the Governor, we are
only asking for a slab of concrete across the gutter for us to continue our daily trespassing through Awka in this era of Change.
I await answers.
She also shared this photo of a stranded lady, who is eventually helped by a young man, strong enough to pull her out of the mess... Such a pity indeed!!!