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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Corper Kase Uses Vision700 To Put Smiles On The Faces Of Members Of Kaduna Community (PHOTOS).

Corper Kase, The Bringer Of Potable Water To Amber-Kafanchan
You know how it is that NYSC members always want to do something outstanding in their service local community, but are constrained by many factors. Key among these factors is the issue of financial constraint. Well that is not for the young and industrious young corper, who decided to harness the powers of social media for the good of the community he was serving.

When Corper Kase Oghenerieborue Sunny got to the Amber Community in Kafanchan Kaduna State, it was really pitiable. There was no pipe borne water for miles unending as the community members relied on unwholesome water source. This really troubled Corper Kase and he hatched out a plan.

Corper Kase decided to ask 700 different persons for #1000 each to be able to get water to the Amber Community in Kafanchan Kaduna State. He tagged it Vision-700. Today it have become a reality. He got the support he wanted, now the community is flowing with clean water.
The project have been launched and the community is better for it.

I wonder why it took so long for potable water to get to the community.
Congrats Corper Kase... See all photos below