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Thursday, 22 September 2016

EPIC: "My Letter to Aunty Linda Ikeji" - By Nonso Obasikene (It sure is melting the Internet).

Larger than Life personality, Engr Nonso Obasikene has taken a swipe at Nigeria's celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji. Unlike his usual style of addressing life-changing issues on FB in general term, the Engr have pointed the nozzle of the gun at Linda Ikeji, the most earned Nigerian Blogger of all times.
Oh my... what happened to warrant such brazen show of 'care'; the letter was really in a sober tone, more out of concern for his perceived loneliness of the blogger.

Though a Certified Computer Engineer, a Resigned Banker, and a good cook who is currently a Medical student in far away land according to his FB Profile, Engr Nonso also had a word or two for the ladies. Read the letter below...

Dear Linda, I know you are 36years now and you reading my message because I have you here, listen you can never find a husband via publicity, or through the media, you once said you can buy any man with you money, God is not a fool, I don't know how your love life looks like, but I know when you where much younger you must have met your Mr Right and you pushed him away just because you probably busy creating the world and building FEMINISM, you can ask Oprah Winfrey, I am not saying that being a fulfilled woman is bad but then let me put it to you that any guy coming to you now does not love you, all they have got is eyes on your money, just be careful with this guys and please pray to God because is only God that can intervene not the social media. Bear in mind that true love does not make noise, or need attraction from the internet, Thanks
Advice to young ladies don't wait till you made or when you find a made guy to marry, marry the one your soul loves, grow and build a family, don't wait for already made men, same as guys