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Monday, 19 September 2016

5 Unbelievable Reasons This Photo Is The Dopest Online Photo By An Inducting Doctor... Num. 3 Is Very Obvious.

It remains not too clear why a beauty like this still submitted herself to the rigors of medical school. Seriously, I can not simply process that. Maybe she intends to 'wow' us with more stuff. One thing for sure is that she is not one of those models posing in doctors gears... She is the real deal.
  Now these reasons are simply put out as 'an-observer-from-afar', i may be wrong, but its left for you to decide.

1) The very first thing that meets the causal eye is her "Pose". Not too many medical students, and i know many to last one a lifetime, can really strike that pose flawlessly like she has been in the business for years.

2) The blend of all articles in the photo makes it less strenuous on the eye. The yellow gown. with black pleated bottons continues seamlessly with the table and its black lining. The white teeth complements the white designer wrist watch. Only a pro can pull this off i dare say.

3) The smile is so natural, devoid of that annoying yet typical smile that dot most photos online. She is obviously relaxed and generally in charge of the 'environment'.

4) That logo on the pix is definitely the best in Owerri... Yea, that was where she had the photoshoot that churned  out all these photos. When next you ball into Owerri, and you need an exceptional photo, take a cue from Dr Racheal and drop by at SOBI Photography.

5) This is the most important part of all the reasons. She is a new trendy doctor (of course you knew that, i just needed to drive it in) You see that 'thang' hanging down her neck, it simply means;
"When next you see me, kindly add a simple 'Dr'... it sure wont hurt you know". Please scratch that ooo, abeg!!!

See other photos below... Congratulations Doc Racheal Tigbegbe.