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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Shocking: Male Smokers Have Elevated Risk For Osteoporosis

I use to know that some conditions are peculiar to certain genders, like lung pathologies are seen more in the male folks just like breast cancer is commoner among the females.
 But what happens when a condition traditionally known to be more in women, begin to be seen in men. This condition is OSTEOPOROSIS.

Now see how Reuters Health puts it-
Male smokers have a greater risk for osteoporosis than other men and even than women smokers, a recent study finds, suggesting that U.S. screening guidelines focused on women might need to be expanded to include men.

"We expected the risk would be worse for women, but it was actually worse for men," said senior study author Dr. Elizabeth Regan, a researcher at National Jewish Health in Denver, Colorado. "The data also show that if men do have osteoporosis and get hip fractures, they do worse than the women."

So get on with your exercise and healthy lifestyle for a healthy living.