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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Simple Strategy To MaintainingThat Perfect Shape Even as You Eat Outside

Hi! I was on my way to class for an eleven o'clock lecture this morning, when I saw a senior colleague of mine who had drastically lost weight. She looked stunning in her well fitted dress. She looked quite radiant and so different from her former self. I decided I must shareher experience here for others like her.

I gathered that she had placed herself on some form of stringent diet therapy which she got off some blog. She has actually been on this therapy for one year now. I thought that was bold. She actually weighed something over 120Kg, but she is 75Kg as at last week.
  Woow!! That was impressive. I also gathered she is an ardent reader of a health blog;

So I decided to put up this beautiful article I saw on that site. It makes a whole lot of sense especially to those who eat out, and still want to remain fit and in shape. Enjoy it.

Weight loss shouldn’t hinder you from eating out. I eat out 60 percent of the time, I can order what I want and never gain weight. Even with fast food restaurants you can get away with eating anything. You can achieve this by simply following the strategies I read online years back.

The first strategy involves selecting healthier food options such as grilled chicken with salad. Most times these fast foods offer mayonnaise-coated coleslaw, what I do is ask them to serve me without mayonnaise. That’s saving myself from unnecessary calories and fats lurking in surprising places. Sweet-talk them into making changes for you such as leaving out oil from the vegetable soup, beans or stew.

The second strategy is pre-planning. By eating very light breakfast or lunch, you can afford to eat anything. Make sure you’ve budgeted sufficient grams of fat and calories. If dessert is high fat, share with a friend. Remember portion control is important, eat the right portion of meal and take the rest home. Regular exercise is advised when losing, staying fit or maintaining weight, get in some workout the day you’re eating out, this will reduce your appetite and burn calories.

Don’t dull yourself dodging eating out, have fun and enjoy life while getting in shape