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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

REVEALED: Why Do Men Want Sex In The Morning.

Biko, read with me. I saw this beautiful article on sexuality in humans. I thought some things they said made sense especially with the time component added, I wanted you to say if you agree or not?

Culled from the Mirror.

6 AM

Slept well? A good kip is another reason a man may feel even more amorous in the morning. Studies have found that the longer and deeper a man has slept, the higher his testosterone levels. Research in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows getting more than five hours’ sleep can raise male levels by an extra 15 per cent.

12 Noon

An attractive colleague wanders into the workplace. But it’s his nervous system and not his hormones that kick into action.
The sight of someone attractive immediately releases feel-good brain neurotransmitters called endorphins -and triggers blood flow to a man’s genitals. Sex hormones take longer to increase. However, when confronted with a sexy person, a man who already has higher testosterone levels is likely to be more flirtatious. Men with more testosterone are also more likely to be found attractive by women, according to researchers at Wayne State University in Michigan, US.

6 PM

As evening approaches, men’s levels of testosterone start to fall while women’s sex hormones gradually rise.

Studies have shown, that an after-work gym session can boost the libido of both genders. Research by scientists at the University of California, San Diego, found men who exercised had a boosted libido.
They also reported having 30 per cent more sex and 26 per cent more orgasms. A University of Texas study showed that women who had 20 minutes of cardio were more aroused by seeing an erotic film than those who had not exercised.

8 PM

If an important match is on TV, the results can also affect a man’s testosterone. According to a study of saliva tests by the University of Utah, sports fans watching a World Cup game boosted hormone levels by about 20 per cent if their team won.
After a loss in a big game, there was a 20 per cent drop in levels.

By contrast, women are more likely to be affected by actually playing sport rather than watching it.

Now you know... and please ladies get your guys to watch more matches but ensure that their team wins. Its healthy for your sexual life. At least that is what the study says.