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Monday, 28 November 2016

Who Wore It Best?... Insightful Analysis

Still on the Madonna University Convocation Ceremony that went down yesterday...
I have been sifting through a pile of photos from Facebook and I thought this one stands out. These guys are not joking when it comes to making a fashion statement. After going through these photos, I can now conclude that the colour blue is definitely unseating black as the universally acceptable colour for an official outing.
These guys had their convocation on Saturday and they sure got the look and the swag, however I am choosing only four persons that stand out... This is my opinion ooo, no vex abeg!!!

  1. Topping this list is the guy in the Red suit, standing way behind, I gather from my scouts that he was dope... You know how its said that the 'last' shall be the 'First'. 
  2. Next is the dashingly dressed guy standing to the left of this frame... Decked in a inner golden jacket that complemented the navy-blue body cut suit, he sure is second on this list.
  3. Gold colour is always a 'cheat-code', especially when it suit your colour. So, the third on my list is the young man in the Leopard print suit... he sure had a way of blending in all the colours to make him stand out.
  4. This goes out to the guys wearing blue... I m sincerely having a hard time making up my mind on which of the guys in the blue coloured suit should take this slot. However, I am more inclined to settle for the young guy to the right of this frame wearing a transparent eye-glass.
Now, what do you think... Who wore it best to the event!!!

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