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Friday, 11 November 2016

Donald Trump Victory Triggers Increased Patronage Of His Books By Nigerians... (PHOTOS)

Facebook user and Leading Konga Best Book Seller, Socrates Uduk, is claiming that more Nigerians now seem interested in Donald Trump Best-seller books. Hear him...

My congratulations to Donald Trump on his victory at the U.S polls. I have read many books by Donald Trump and i am always filled with awe at his brilliance and think big mentality.
In this his book "Think Big", which he wrote with Bill Zanker in 2007, he said Hillary Clinton will be a good U.S President. It turns out that the United States deemed him more capable of holding that position.
Now that Donald Trump is U.S President elect, people are blowing up my phones for his books. They want to know how a man can be the highest earning real estate business man in America, owner of the biggest reality TV show in America (The Apprentice), and now the U.S President (without any prior political appointment). Simply amazing.
I commend Hillary Clinton. I wish her the best.
Congratulations once more Donald Trump!!!

He sure is proudly smiling to the bank.
Who says something good will not come out of Mr Donald Trump's Victory?