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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Justin Justifies Why Every Birthday Should Be Done Among Friends.

It all started with the sweetening flavour of boiling fish filling the air, courtesy of Justin. I had actually forgotten about his birthday today, and I felt bad since he had told me of this day almost Two weeks ago.
The flavour was actually causing a stir among passersby because this aroma is not a 'usual finding'. I left this rare occurrence and returned after a few hours, for a scheduled engagement. I was welcomed to voices raining down God's blessings on Justin by friends who had come around to celebrate the day.

It was not long before the music started chiming from the room and shortly after food started moving round to all his guests.

From my observation point, it is so clear that this personality, Justin, have friends who got his back. Well, I cannot be too sure if they gathered principally for the meal or to make this day memorable for him. However, one thing is sure, there was palpable and genuine happiness and joy.

The little get together came to a close with the popular 'Happy Birthday Song' rendered by his guests and all quietly dispersed to their various abode.

What more can you wish for on a birth-day, than for your happiness to be shared by those who truly are your friends. Justin has proven a point today... "Little acts like this are worth while".

Happy Birthday Justin Dibie!!!