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Monday, 28 November 2016

New Minister of Health @ YALIWestAfrica 2016... His Vision Is Realistic!!! (Updates)

When Eddy was chosen to be part of the Nigerian delegate at The Young African Leadership Initiative West Africa 2016, he was sure he will make a difference at the gathering. With other Young Africans gathered at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA),
he was chosen to be the Minister of Health and to contribute to how health in African countries could be made better.

Eddy Uwoghiren Ogbemudia, a clinical student at the University of Benin, a prolific writer and student executive in his University, posted this on his Facebook TL and I thought it is quite insightful and 'ministerial'. Read below

I was made the Minister for Health @ #YALiWestAfrica2016 last week and together with my group memebers we drew up policies and set an agenda for Africa's Health Sector for 2025.

We were told to come up with polices that will solve not just the immediate problems but transcend into future generations.

My mission statement during the presentation was 

"Having A Health Sector which rank among the best in the World providing excellent services and responsive to the needs of the African People." 

I divided my plans into 2. The Curative and Preventive Aspect. 

Aside the massive infrastructural development, compulsory Immunization, Sanitation Monitoring, building smart hospitals, Training of Traditional Birth Attendants , Herbalist and other Health staff, I promised to put in place a Trans National Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to rescue Africans during emergency conditions and also make sure African are skilled in Basic Life Support skills as obtainable in Israel so they can respond to victims of trauma before arrival of ambulance services.

I also planned on making Africa the hub of Medical Journalism in the world.

I said lot of things and also ways of achieving them because that's the core of the whole excercise.

Believe me, It was a nice experience. BUHARI better come and enlist me in his cabinet.

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