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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

3 Things Music Lovers Hope To See At This Year's MCC Christmas Carol Concert... No 3 Will Shock You!!!

It is no longer news that The Madonna Central Choir,MCC, is ranked high by music analysts. A choir that boasts of a retinue of high caliber singers with a special bias for Classical singing. The predominantly student choir have been a source point, feeding major chorale groups, in the Southern part of Nigeria, with raw and promising talents.
The 2015 Christmas Carol Concert, organized by the MCC, have not left the lips of attendees at the yearly event. Now, it is all over social media... They gladly announced this year's event would be mind-blowing and memorable.

Already people are talking about what they would expect from the Concert harped to be the best East of the Niger;

1)  Serene And Peaceful Environment:
The 2015 event was hosted late in the evening, when the sun is at its lowest and the heat mild. Attendees want a reenactment of last years feel. However, sources in the choir have confirmed that music lovers at this 2016 Xmas Concert would be stunned by what they ll see on that day, 3rd December 2016.

2) Bold, Confident and Comfortable Soloists:
It is generally agreed in the music world that a classical soloist is a gift to any music group. What would one say when there are more than one confident soloist, who understand what it takes to perform music piece? I daresay that such a group or choir, like the Madonna Central Choir, can never go 'dry'.

3) Exquisite Item 7 as usual:
By demographics, MCC remain a student-centered Choir. It has also always been in her tradition to feed the numerous numbers of guests (VIP and Ordinary). With an expected audience size of 2000 persons, the Choir appears set to cater for the expected crowd.

It is also hoped that souvenirs, and other freebies will be made available.

Singing is a universal language, associated with beneficial health for optimal growth and development.

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