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Friday, 11 November 2016

Ladies!!! Get In Here... For That Classy And Confident Woman. Hand-Made Accessories You Must See.

'Black is beautiful! This piece is sure to give you the class you need to rock both your evening gowns and cultural attire' - Eclatante's Founder, Gabe Black.
He is not only good on the run-way or on the red carpet, but his fingers are exquisite when it comes to making of classy and 'dense'. When he launched his brand, Model Gabe Black, a graduate of Madonna University, never anticipated that his brand Eclatante, would command so much loyalty from his client. I gather that is beads are already been booked by notable persons.

If you missed the launch of the Eclatante By Gabe, CLICK HERE to get all the details. He shared his latest collections on the official IG page @eclatantes.
Now, he has revealed some of his outstanding collections that is taking the world of hand-beads making by storm. Make no mistake about this Dear Ladies, you are yet to see the full collection of this young model cum beads-maker!!!

Follow his stunning work on IG @eclatantes.

I admire good works when i see one... Kudos!!!
 Red? Cute and edgy!... Gabe Black
 Bridal look in white ! Makeup by IG @lydiadaze

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