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Friday, 3 June 2016

Special Tribute: UNIBEN's Medical Journalist, Uwoghiren Eddy, Marks Birthday Today.

Tribute to Eddy Ewoghiren, Ambassador at Youth for Enlightenment and Welfare.

I really cannot recall how we started in this mutual, but distant friendship of our. It must have started out as simple like-for-like gestures on social media (Facebook top on the list). I am trying to picture the very first time, though not a very long time ago, but it sure feels like forever.

Getting to read your bio, I incidentally stumbled upon, I understand you are a freelance medical journalist. I had some doubt initially about this, then you did that piece on the motor vehicular accident and published in The Nations Newspaper. I thought it was wonderful and incisive.

When I woke up today, 3rd June 2016, and needed to update my Instagram page, the first post I saw was the photo above. It was shared by the Nigerian Medical Students Association. It is good to know that you share a widespread goodwill among Nigerian Students. I believe it is fate that have made our path meet.

Hopefully, we meet in person either at a journalism conference or maybe in a seminar for medical/health content writing. I think this is one area we share in common.

However, until then when we meet, I say a big happy birthday to you and wish you outstanding success in your outing and endeavours. As medical students you know we have to be good at what you do.

And by the way, I thought your choice of specialising in General surgery is so cool. Have fun!!!

Emeka Okolo H
CEO/Principal Writer