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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Photo: Baby With Mermaid Syndrome Delivered At St Mary’s Catholic Hospital Gwagalada… (Readers Discretion Adviced)

The baby was delivered by Dr Jay of the St Mary’s Catholic Hospital Gwagwalada, Abuja. He shared this photo exclusively with via the official Facebook Group page. Already Doctors and other health professionals on the page are already airing their views… Go immediately to the page to read it all!!!

The diagnosis seems unanimous >>> The birth defect is called Sirenomelia or Mermaid Syndrome.

 Now read what Dr Jay Igbiti have to say about this delivery that is melting the internet.
This baby was delivered at my hospital early hours of Saturday. The moment i saw the mother with her dead malformed baby dangling out of her vagina, i was disappointed with the parents and myself. This child was born at term. Multiple birth defects and hydrocephalus. She had laboured for a while and the breech presenting newborn had retained aftercoming head.
 This woman, in Nigeria, in the 21st century and in Abuja. Had 40 weeks to discover this but there was no Antenatal care. I dont need to emphasise the fact that the pregnancy was unplanned, so she may not have even known that she was pregnant in the formatibe stages.
She consumes herbal remedies PRN.
This is a stain on our clean white coats. The part of ANC and not even caring about what she might have consumed is her fault. But her lack of awareness is ours. The law doesnt allow advert but it allows for advocacy. Let us make these people aware. These reports further push down our ratings.
 A woman had facial palsy and went to the lab. She was examined and they ran MP (malaria parasi and Widal for her. They were both “positive” and she was placed on medications. She presented 4 days later with hemiparesis and aphasia, bp 270/150mmHg.
This is still where I work in ‘Abuja’. I know we dont have the power to fight these factors but we can educate the people…
 Give talks occassionally. I beg us all…
 Infact i Charge us all… Educate someone.
 You have been blessed beyond measure…
The knowledge we have can not be compared to cars and houses. Lets use it. Thanks fam..
 Dr. Igbiti O.J
I hope we heed his advice…