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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

"I Would Rather Prefer I Am Called A Taylor Than A Tailor" - Stylist Zeal Reveals. (Read More)

The CEO of Zealator Tailored Clothing, Ogbonna Zeal spoke exclusively in this interview with, DQ Principal Writer, Emeka Okolo. He reveals why he started this fast rising clothing line and to how far he hopes to surpass.

DQ: Hello, Good evening. Please may we know your full name?
Zeal: I am Ogbonna Zeal Chianwo

DQ: What is the name of your brand and what made you actually start your brand?
Zeal: It is called Zealator Tailored Clothing. I started my brand because I had an overwhelming passion that drove me so much it gave me sleepless nights.
 So I turned my passion into paycheck.

DQ: Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur?
Zeal: Yea, I do. This is so because I am driven by a passion much greater than the love of the money. I love what I do and in a daily basis I try to best myself by unleashing new things for the future.

DQ: If somebody calls you a 'Tailor', would you find it derogatory or demeaning?
Zeal: (Laughs) Every tailor is proud of their of their work, although they remain behind the scene almost everytime... anyone can call me a tailor, but it is not my name though. I would rather be called a Taylor than be called a tailor; it is quite stylish.

DQ: But you are a Public Health Student of the prestigious Madonna University, who would soon graduate as a health professional. Can you reconcile the two of them, ie Taylor (arts) and Public Health (Science) .
Zeal: Most graduates with First Class degrees are in the labour market, instead of being gainfully employed in their chosen fields. I Love my work, even though what I am planning is way bigger than the ordinary mind. I will pursue my passion rather than my course of study.
DQ: So it is not a matter of confusion on your part, but a matter of choice and economic reality?
Zeal: Yeah, it is my choice and I Just want to make a name that will stand for centuries.

DQ: Who is your average, ideal client?
Zeal: Everybody is my client. I got men on my client list and I am also working on some trendy stuff for the ladies; it can be a lot of work.
My next Lookbook will have ladies in it...

DQ cuts in at this point...

DQ: It is good you have mentioned Lookbook. Tell me more about the current one you just wrapped up. What is it all about?
Zeal: It is basically about my suit collection, and the native one as well. Even though I was going to do more, Madonna University environment was not cool and conducive for that stuff, so I had to push it to when everywhere is cool. I also have shirt collection.
ZEALATOR 2016 LOOK BOOK Styled by - @zeal_taylor
Creative Photography- @theproudmonkey
MakeupArtist- @leery_wyte

DQ: What is a Lookbook? Explain in clear layman's terms.
Zeal: It is more like fashion designer's new collection or a stylist's work ready for marketing or review of styles for your tailor.

DQ: Let me get to know personal things about you, if you don't mind.
How many Siblings do you have?
Zeal: I have 3 other siblings, we are four (4) in total. I happen to be the first child and first son.

DQ: Which colour do you consider your best.
Zeal: Do you mean for shirts, trousers, suits, wrist watches, shoes, belts... I ll need more details

DQ: What I mean is what is your best colour in general?
Zeal: I love every shade of blue and brown.

DQ: But is it proper if I say that your best colour influences the outcome of your colour design for clients?
Zeal: Nope, I don't do that. I love the colour blue because in my opinion, it is a man's colour. Then other colours follow.

DQ: I gather you work closely with some models already. Can you share their names?
Zeal: Of course. There is Kerry Gideon, Freke, Jason, Ashleigh and so on. Some are not certified models, I just needed them to feature in the Lookbook. They are my friends.
DQ: Is Zealator Tailored Clothing a one-man's show, or do you have official partners?
Zeal: No, it is not a one man's show since I am building a company where there is room for people to come on board. My manager happens to be my friend.

DQ: We are gradually coming to the end of the interview, but for the purpose of my readers, where is your company based, the headquarters.
Zeal: My business is big and broad... I own a clothing line and I am working on my tags to put on my designs. Then the rest of my plans I will not mention, you know how the issue of imitation is spoiling the market.

DQ: Thanks for your time, hope to hear from you soonest!!
Zeal: Thank you too; and I am impressed by what you are doing on
Keep it up!!!