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Thursday, 16 June 2016

(Photos): 1st Ever Carnival Held In Madonna University Akpugo... It was Bright, Colourful, Electrifying.

Creativity is truly a composite feature of youths, especially teenage youths. Yesterday will be a day to remember among students of the Madonna University Akpugo campus over the first ever carnival on campus, The Colour Carnival!!! This Campus houses only Engineering students of the university.

Students, decked in bright colourful outfits, trooped out en masse to the school field, for the usual Wednesday evening workout. But instead of just hanging around, chatting around, it was converted to a Carnival of some sort. The organiser employed the services of other students who paint, to be the official body painters for yesterday's event.

The carnival featured games, music, dance, Contests and Challenge. The whole field must have been a flurry of colour, better experienced than imagined.

Now see the photos as it speaks for itself after the cut...