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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Popular Madonna University Couple Finally Tie The Knot, 10 years after they declared their love... See response of Students of Madonna. (PHOTOS)

It was a lovely time as two Madonna University graduates (March batch 2006) got married over the weekend, precisely on the 3rd and 4th of June, 2016. The beautiful couple must be beyond words now... who says university love birds can not get married!!!

Dr. Vanessa Agozie Amala got inducted a year ago as a medical doctor, while Evang. Anthony Osas Igbinosun graduated in 2011 with a BSc in Human Physiology before moving on to further his education in the United Kingdom.

Their love story started on June 2, 2006 when they began to date and they became a popular couple on the Elele Campus due to the longevity of their relationship and the sizzling romance between them.
When asked about the secret of their unbreakable union, Evang. Igbinosun said, 

‘At first, it was tough because we had very different personalities. But as we grew up together as Christians, we learnt that wherever there is humility and willingness to compromise, love will reign. What kills relationships is selfishness and ego from either or both parties.’

Congratulations to you... Happy blissful married life!!!
See some of the lovely photos from the traditional wedding...

More photos From The Church Wedding;


This couple have had many people rooting for them for the past decade of their relationship. A look at the couple’s Facebook wall showed many well-wishers and admirers who have been inspired and encouraged by their exemplary lifestyle and love. Read what some of them wrote:
Julius Oyedemi To him be the glory. Am proud of you guys. Godly friends turns to Godly marriage.
Ben Gerald Onyekachi Ibe Wow! At last...10yrs of true friendship, finally love triumphs thru the years. Congrtz guyz! May ur union be adorned wit God's favour. Remain blessed guyz!
Sewengi Nikki Shane Congratulations to both of u..have known u guys for a decade now and I have always blive in u happy
Tony Mbagwu Wow!! You guys deserve an award. I remember a particular moment in the anatomy class above dissection room in Okija c. 2007 when she had your head in her lap cos you were sick or something. PDA In Okija!!! It's wonderful to know that love never waned. I wish you immense marital bliss
Dennis Chinda Congrats on ur marriage... U guys have been not just an inspiration but hav set a standard for us... I'm a fan...
Onyesolom Chukwuebuka i greatly rejoice over ds very Godly end. forever wil be
Ndubuisi Samuel when love whispers, poetry is never at bay! congrats and thanks for holding on this long! im proud of you. may God bless your union.
Satis Amarachi Satis Osas I couldn't hold my joy when I saw this on your wall, I still remember how it all started with you, her, Anote, Chiamaka and Ngwu Darlington( Egede). God bless your union with her, for it has been divinely ordained. Congrats bro.
Akabuo 'Rufai' Chuks We always knew you two were meant for each other. May the love that kept you both together all these years continue to wax stronger everyday and may your marriage be a worthy example to all and sundry. Stay blessed.
Kemasuode Bright CFL! Every minute I remember you both I smile bcos your love story is just one that can make a man speak in tongues! Congrats my man!
Bon-Amakiri Marvel It's an epic story......we witnessed most of it ...
Charity Okoli O my gush! I was in that class. March batch 2006. I am glad you made it. I wish you a home filled with happiness and love. Congratulations
Homsi Elvire  Waouhhhh ,Congrats to you both, finally ,waouhhh ,am happy ,really happy for u guys. May God bless your union with the most beautiful things on earth.
Chioma Ohiri happy 4 dis 2 LOVE BIRDS...God bless your union
Victoria Achumie Congratulations to u both....when I look at u guys...I know true love really exists.
Gerald Ezeani Wow! I love this duo. This is so many years in the making. Congrats Osas & Vanessa
Laurel Abigail Adebanji Happy married life lovely brother and sister in Jesus. God bless you and reward all the years you waited and years of faithfulness to each other. happy married life once again!
Eloka Monyei Wow, congratulations to both of you. This is a lovely story.