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Thursday, 5 May 2016

(Photos): More Caritas Students Stuns, As SPOTTED-Crew Spot them

Photocredit: IG @archienornee

George Ufot, a 500L student of Computer Engineering 'spotted' right outside his Faculty. Popular for his fashion sense, this would-be Engineer slayed this outfit; from the shirt to the strap bag, his wrist band, belt and boots... he ranks 9/10.

See other Caritas University students as they are spotted after the cut...

The adorable Miss Eko was 'spotted' in front of the School Auditorium. Decked in white with a sprinkling of black and brown (mature colours), then those brown footwear to compliment the slim brown belt... She blows the ceiling with he G n G hand bag, she definitely scores a 8/10.

Armstrong, 'spotted' near the school studio... His over sized red shirt, under speared by those whites, with the black near-skin tight black trouser n black footing to match, however loose in some areas; he should watch it before he tips over into a land slide... He definitely merits a 6/7.

Photo Source: IG>>> @humans_of_cua