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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Prince Toochukwu Releases These Dapper Photos After PhotoShoot Section Today.

'For everything with a beginning, have an end' - Anonymous

This can be said of the Journey which Prince Toochukwu Emmanuel started a few years back. After enrolling to be a medical student, he agrees that it has not been an easy one.

The tasks of keeping up with volumes upon volumes of medical texts, attending to clinical sessions, rounds, tutorials, and clocking the maximal theatre sessions, has really made him a better doctor.
He is exceptionally thrilled that the end, a glorious end indeed, is in sight...

 See other photos from his photo shoot session earlier today...

With his induction into the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria in a few months from now, he believes medical school has made him understand what life truly is.
It should be no surprise to anyone therefore, when this cool-headed, baby-faced doctor indicates his resolve to contest the Gubernatorial seat of his home state, Imo State; or if he is out rightly nominated as a commissioner or Minister for Health! His potential is endless

Only time will tell... Congratulations Dr Prince!!!

Photo Credit: Playboy Digital Studio.