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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Aborted foetus found in the toilet of a female hostel (photo)

I saw this on LIB and thought i should share it with us. A reader actually sent it in but she decided to leave out the name of the school because she wasn't able to confirm it happened there. Read below how it was posted on the blog...
Hello Linda, this is a picture of a five month old still born that was found in the toilet of a hostel of a supposed Christian school in Benin city. On the 15th of May 2016 which was a Sunday the cleaners found the aborted child there and alerted the school authorities. The schools clinic evacuated the child and took it for verifications before discarding. 
The Vice Chancellor summoned the students on the 16th of May asking the students not to narrate the hideous event to anyone not even their parents nor any social media platform and they will be rewarded appropriately if they all kept mute on the issue. The sum of #500,000 will be given to lure the student who did this to come out. The same school that publicized their core values as transparency and all is now trying to cover up terrible acts like this and dash out huge amounts of money when they can barely afford several amenities for the students
 Abortion is evil... It is deadly to both mother and child... Do not wipe away a generation yet unborn!!!.