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Sunday, 8 May 2016

MCC Idol Day 2 Updates:Contestants Glitters... Massive Turnout Recorded (Photos).


Thursday, 21st April 2016 was the second day of the popular Madonna Central Choir Idol 2016 Contest.

With the venue already filled out, and the four astute Judges positioned strategically, contestants sat waiting patiently to be called out to render a song (majorly chosen from the Legendary Late Micheal Jackson Albums) Day 1 was fun... This was what happened!!!
See photos of the day after the cut...

At the end of the power-packed event, the Judges chose contestants No 901 (Anthony Chinedu) and Contestant 1162 (Anyanwu Vera) as the best performing acts for the day
Eight contestants automatically crossed to the next round.

They are:

  1. Contestant 901> Anthony Chinedu > Physiology Dept.
  2. Contestant 1162 > Anyanwu Vera > Nursing Sci. Dept. 
  3. Contestant 301 > Ebhoaye Eseosa > Optometry Dept.
  4. Contestant 1258 > Nsor Ejik Akwa > Physiology Dept.
  5. Contestant 1512 > Titus Emmanuel > Optometry Dept.
  6. Contestant 852 > Christak Judith > Computer Sci. Dept.
  7. Contestant 641 > Ubani Victory > Med. Lab. Sci. Dept.
  8. Contestant 1848 > Udom Emem > Optometry Dept.
However the remaining 4 contestants had to depend on the vote of the audience. But in a stroke of Goodluck, the Faculties decided to salvage Contestant 010, Izu-Unamma Henry, Pharmacy Dept for his punctuality and seriousness at practice. 

The Audience voted in, out of the 3 contestants left to their fate, Contestant 402>Queeneth Benson>Optometry. She was happily relieved!!!

This saw the last 2 contestants standing being evicted from the the MCC Idol 2016; they are Contestants Nos, 2029 and 1671; Ogbu Stephen (Computer Sci.) and. Chukwuma Kachi (Food Science and Tech) respectively.

Yours truly was nominated, by the organisers, to announce the eviction... Sad!!!

The next event is on 12th/May/2016... and would be a duet of the 10 contestants left standing.