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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Bride is left with one leg DOUBLE the size of the other after getting an insect bite while on honeymoon

A newlywed was left with a 'troll' leg after a honeymoon illness triggered the limb to double in size.
Kelly Roberts, 35, was diagnosed with a severe water infection just two weeks after her dream wedding.
And despite it ruining her honeymoon with Stewart, 33, in Loch Ness, Scotland, it wasn't until she got home that her leg started to rapidly swell.
Baffled doctors first thought Mrs Roberts, from Maidstone, Kent, was suffering from a blood clot.
But she was later diagnosed with lympheodema - an incurable condition where fluid builds up in the leg, causing it to swell.
Kelly Roberts pictured before she was diagnosed  with lympheodema
Kelly Roberts has seen her leg double in size
Kelly, pictured with husband Stewart before her leg swelled, was on her honeymoon when she became unwell. But it wasn't until they returned home to Kent that it ballooned to twice its size
'I was a newlywed enjoying my honeymoon when I fell ill with a severe water infection,' she said.
'I was completely knocked off my feet but it wasn't until I got home that my leg doubled in size.
'I knew it wasn't normal but not being a worrier, I assumed it was an insect bite or something.'
She went to hospital where doctors diagnosed her with a suspected blood clot and gave her blood thinners.
When this did not work, she had an MRI scan and ultrasound which left doctors baffled when it could not determine the cause.