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Monday, 9 May 2016

Breaking Gist: Madonna University Student Said To Have Won 29Million From 'Alabi' Trails With Controversity.

The whole of Madonna University was literally turned upside down over the winnings of a computer science student, Desmond, from 'Alabi'. When the news broke about his 29 million winning (plus 6million naira bonuses), the screams erupted right from the popular St. Paul's Hostel and have since spread to all parts of d school.

Since the announcement of his winning, he has been under some sought of constant protection provided by his room mates. With a total of 35million Naira now said to be in his name, some have said that there maybe no need for the young chap to continue his schooling.

It must also be said that some students also believe that Desmond actually did not win the said sum, but one of those little pranks boys play on each other, more out of fun than any other reasons.

Whatever is the case, Desmond of the  Computer Science Dept and his mega-win will definitely trend for sometime to come on campus!!