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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Self-Acclaimed Stylist Keeps Madonna University Student Alive In Style... As he reveals what Inspires his style.

"For you can alone become what you let others see in you... Vanity or Fanfare can be positive sometimes" - Quote (Anonymous).

He now strikes me as one who can make a lot of good from little things of life. Initially, I was not too sure what to make of his 'frontings', since from a distance the vibe is not there. But gradually, he steers those doubts from my mind, marching on like an unrelenting army, into uncharted Waters of Fashion in Madonna University. His signature, ZEALATORS, speaks volumes. His name Ogbonna Zeal, synchronises with his signature. It is like a deal, with premeditated facets, that is destined to work!!!

With a Fashion Sense unlike most students in Nigeria's leading Private University, he inspires countless number of person, students and graduates alike. Well, I know this because I get admirable commentaries from his 'secret admirers.

Though a student of the Department of Public Health, Madonna University, his fashion statement cuts through departments, campuses and universities... *Ask all his followers on Facebook and IG*.

For your information, Ogbonna Zeal Gets inspiration from a key figure in his life... his lovely Dad!!!

See other stunning photos of Zeal, as he lives the #LifeOfAStylist

Here he claims to have over a thousand blue designs and not one is a plain blue?! Funny, if you know that a plain blue is his departmental colour...