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Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Yesterday was Dr Jay’s birthday. Dr Jay (not real name) is a well known figure among the final year medical students of Madonna University; a class that is at the moment posted to the Federal Medical Centre Owerri for her final postings in Medicine and Surgery (M3, S3).
Today, Dr Jay decided to mark his birthday among his inner circle of friends (which is not really an inner circle because almost everybody made the list). Madonna University Nigeria Medical students mark birthdays in a unique way; a way that classically depicts, ‘the more you look, the less you see’.

But one striking thing was the music selection for the event. Playing on a low volume, were the popular tracks of Nigeria’s Popular artiste, Phino Phyno. Unknown to others, I thought this was a little ‘odd’. It was only then that I sampled the opinion of the medical students gathered to celebrate Dr Jay and I subsumed all the responses into these 3 reasons:
• Phino Phyno Is Creative:
This was the most likely reason medical students gave for their love of the artiste. They believe he is creative in his videos, the concept, the message and the lyrics of the song. One of the respondents, who is a die-hard fan of the celebrity, believes Phino receives his inspiration from God, as he urges Phino not to relent in his talents…
Can you beat that?
 Phino Phyno Has Got A Clean Cut Facial Beard:
Now this happens to be the next reason medical students love Phino, my research revealed. I still cannot believe that highly cerebral, final year doctors see anything wonderful in Phino’s beard, but the figure say otherwise. In short, if you look closely among medical students, you would see a good number of them keeping, trimming and nurturing their beards to look like Phino Phyno.
• Phino Is Igbo:
Not minding the risk of sounding racist, some believe that they simply love the guy because he is Igbo (since they hail from the same region). Being Igbo, medical students from the Igbo tribe hold Phino in high regards. He simply sings in the language the can relate with, in the language that they call their own. One other outstanding attribute is the finess he employs as he raps on in Igbo, an art that one of my respondent say was invented by Phino.
To be a final year medical student, especially in a private medical school like Madonna University, is not an easy feat because they represent the ‘who is who’ in that given institution. So when Medical students say Phino Phyno is ‘Good’ and not Bahd, Bahdo, or Bahdest, it cannot be disputed.
Big thumbs-up to the artiste medical students love and respect, Phino Phyno!!!