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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

For Men Only: The Next Time A Woman Ask You 'If You Are A Man, Ask Her These Questions.

Some women like rubbing it to the face of their men... So bad! They even go on to ask what they are evening doing with their time. Well, the next time she comes up with those attitude and she demands you explain to her what kind of man you are, simply ask her these little but important questions...

Can she bang and bang a hundred strokes without her waist breaking just to satisfy her woman sexually?

Can she lift 1000 bags of cement everyday in a year without breaking or having cancer?

Can she physically fight other capable men of different sizes to protect his children and family?

Can she take insults and be belittled by her boss at work and then come home and  deal with a nagging wife and his sick and hungry children along with demanding parents in the village and siblings all dependent on her,  from her own side and her husband side too?

Can she go a day without bathing running a cab driving service,  taking insults from little children everyday along with police brutality and touts harrasments?

Can she hold a gun and go to the forest to fight terrorist, put her life for a country forgetting she has children and a partner to return to??

Can she hold tears back and pretend to be strong so she won't be seen as weak?

Can she stand being called less of a man,  weakling,  failure and pussy for just making one mistake?

Can she stand being slapped, punched insulted at,  spat on,  and not fight back because she can't hit a woman?????

Yes, I Agree Women go through alot... Men go through a lot more. Hopefully she may begin to show you more respect as the man of the house!!!