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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

World Oldest Woman Dies At 117 Years

Misao Okawa, holder of the world's title as the oldest living person, is dead. She passed on today, April1, a few weeks after celebrating her 117years.

Born on 5th March 1898 in Tenma, Japan, she has held the award for 3 years. She died of an heart failure while she was surrounded by family in her Nursing home.

She got married to her husband in 1919 but he passed on in June 1931, after which she relocated back to Okawa and have stayed here till her final days surrounded by her 4 grandchildren, and 6 great grand children. Her 3 children are all dead.

Misao lived across three centuries, which have seen immense social and technological advances including the advent of motor vehicles, flight, mobile telephones, social networking sites and 6 UK Monarchs, 4 Emperors of Japan and 20 US Presidents.