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Monday, 23 February 2015

I Am Confused. What should Be My Next Step!!!

Goodmorning! I got speaking to a very loyal DQB reader, Kingsley (not real name) and he told me this sad story he is currently going through.

    "As a final year student in a private university in Nigeria, i m somehow in a mess at the moment. I am supposed to graduate in a few weeks but due to financial constraints that may not happen. I am not one given to begging or asking for help, let alone seeking financial assistance from people. My family is drained financially following an extensive treatment my younger brother went through. He is a victim of kidney failure but he is responding well to the treatment. I could pay back by April 8 when my Dad would have concluded the sale of his landed property in Lagos. I have 2 options of getting the money for my final exams; because of my personality, i dont know if i should go to my fellow students for the money Or i should go to my HOD, who is kind to me, for help."

What do you think? Should he approach students or his HOD? He needs our advice people for time is ticking on him!!