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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Eminent Modelling And Acting School... The Epitome of Sassiness And Class.

Today, while I was in Church, I got talking with a fellow member of our choir. Oh! Yes, I sing exquisitely well and I am first generation tenor *winks*. Well as I was saying, he thought he would make a good model, since he was slim and fit. But he did not know how to go about it.

He has mega dreams of being a super model but was not sure of how to begin. I promised I would refer him and others like him to a School for Models, Actors, Actresses.

I present the Eminent Modelling and Acting School, one of Nigeria's finest. It is run by Owners of Eminent Magazine, a popular fashion magazine East of the Niger. The Eminent School is run by professionals in the Modelling and Acting industry.

Join them today and reap the benefits of being trained by professionals in a serene environment. See other photos from the Eminent Modelling and Acting School after the cut...