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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Outside Clinical Experience Is A Criteria For Would-Be Doctors

After this morning's orientation talk from the leadership of my institution, to members of community medicine class billed to have an 'outside' posting, I am left with no other shred of doubt in my mind that this external posting is for the best.

A colleague walked up to me, just before the commencement of the crucial meeting, looking disturbed.

He said, 'what do you think the VC is calling us for'. In my usual chatty self, I replied, 'To brief us on the latest developments just before we depart for posting'.

And he made that statement that most of us never understood, even up till. 'Is it compulsory that we should go for this external posting.' It struck me!!
I had thought that most of my colleagues will be thrilled to be posted to a rural settlement, to get first hands-on experience as regards to patients/doctor working relationship. The scope of this particular posting includes scheduled free trips to other health facilities. Also while on this posting, we are expected to get data and other materials that would facilitate a good project work and subsequent project defence.

His grudge is that we waste so much time in a departmental posting that would amount to nothing in our future practice. I tried dissuading his mind from such notion, but he was adamant.

After the pep-talk from the VC, the Provost of the College and The Head of Department of Community medicine, it became clearer to him, the relevance of this venture. An all important venture at that. I think what struck him most, amongs many points made, was when we were reminded that we cannot get our MBBS certificate if we fail in this posting.

We leave in a matter of hours for our Rural and Urban Posting. I know it is an important exercise, if not for me but for the patients we would meet while in the field. Though the area we are posted to is a small sleepy village, in Imo State Nigeria, I intend to get myself truly involved.

I must not fail to sound a heart felt warm regards to The Founder of the Prestigious Madonna University, Very Rev Fr EMP Edeh, CSSP OFR. as he marked his birthday yesterday, 20th May 2015.