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Monday, 6 March 2017

#BBNaija - Speaker Akwa Ibom state House of Assembly shows support for Kemen following his disqualification

 Speaker of Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly Onofiok Luke, has reacted to Kemen's disqualification for fondling TBoss without her consent ..Writing on his his official Facebook page, the speaker said

"I have never really watched the big brother Nigeria,I only follow it activities on the social media. Up until this evening Kemen our son was celebrated online by fans and followers of BBN from our very Akwa Ibom but suddenly,a breaking news of his disqualification from the house and the whole narrative changed and the social Media is now saturated with different stories and versions about Kemen and his disqualification.
Many who before now had celebrated Kemen are in a hurry to crucify him for his mistake(s).
My take here is not to hold brief for Kemen and whatever he might have done to merit his disqualification( which I am yet to know) but to reflect on how difficult it is to be in the spotlight in our clime --the fear of failing,--the fear of making mistakes,--the fear of mockery and the most dreaded of them all --the fear of inua Uyo.
 We are all humans and are all prone to mistakes but when we are not the affected we engage sanctimonious disposition that tends to confer sainthood.
For Kemen, take solace even in the biblical story of Jesus on His triumphant entry to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday where the song on the lips of everyone was hallelujah, but that song on those same lips changed the following period to a condemnation and shout of crucifixion.
All the same da yong di ke ikot " idiok owo" ibaha.
When you are on the spotlight in my town you need to pray heavily for the grace of God to preserve you and to lead you not into temptation because anything otherwise mbio usaak owo mkpo eyoyoho Isong. They can make you run and leave town."

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