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Sunday, 24 January 2016

My IMSU Diary - Optometry Student Writes!!!

A loyal Doctors Quarter's Blog reader, who happens to be an 400 level Optometry student of the Imo State University, sent in a portion of his diary as a student. It revealed quite a lot.
Buy how many of you students experience the same thing like him.
* Lecturers telling you "buying my manual is not compulsory" but class Rep...let me have the list of those that bought. Wetin he won use am do?? huh!!
* If you think true love is the only thing that is hard to find...try looking for your H.O.D when you need his signature on a form...kikikikikikikiki

* In imsu you don't need to go far for anything...right in your hostel you have an electrician, painter, carpenter, plumber. we are the best 

* imsu guys can configure free browsing on small Nokia torchlight phone 

* You get to class as early as 8.00am only to see that all seats have been occupied by bags & books. una sleep for lecture class 

* Lecturer: Only 10 students in class today? Oya tear out a sheet of paper for test... turns to the board to write. Before he turns back------ class don full. nah wetin be that. Lol

* It's always funny when exam supervisor says SUBMIT!! And many students suddenly develop that super human ability; answering 3hrs question in 50seconds                        
Great Imo Stars. . .
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